Joy Singarayer



This is my personal webpage which will contain some stuff about work mostly, until I find time to get away from my computer and do more interesting things!


I am currently a lecturer in climate modelling at the University of Bristol in the School of Geographical Sciences and the BRIDGE research group. My main interests lie in discovering how climate changed in the past and what processes cause Earth system change on a variety of timescales, which I investigate using computer models of the climate system. I have focussed on late Quaternary climate changes (roughly the last 2.5 Myr) recently. Understanding the magnitudes, rates and mechanisms of past climate variation can inform our understanding of potential future climate change.


I am director of first year undergraduate studies, and I lecture several undergraduate courses including a final year undergraduate course on understanding the interactions between climate and hominids/humans in the past. This covers everything from early hominid bipedalism (millions of years ago) to collapse of civilizations in early history (hundreds of years ago).




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