Publications page update

I realised I had forgotten to update the publications pages so it is now up to date with all officially published documents. This includes the poster presented last year in Chicago at IDCC 2010 by Alex Ball, and the presentation given yesterday at the JISC MRD (International) Programme Workshop in Birmingham.

We have quite a few documents being circulated internally but these will be put on the site when they have all been accepted by all parties.

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PEG-BOARD survey

In order to help us learn about the data assets that fall into the scope of the PEG-BOARD project, we adapted examples provided by the Data Asset Framework (DAF), created in a project led by HATII at the University of Glasgow. In doing so we implemented a lot of very good advice provided to us by members of the DCC – so thanks go to both HATII and the DCC!

I’ve attached a copy of the sample questionnaire we developed; we have been using SurveyMonkey to serve it, and will report back soon on the results.

PEG-BOARD Survey [pdf]

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JISC’10 Conference

A last minute thing, I ended up at the JISC 2010 conference today in London, with Emma Tonkin and Andrew Hewson both from UKOLN to meet with Sarah Jones, Joy Davidson (both DCC) and Neil Beagrie to talk about the project and the direction we should take regarding cost analysis and requirements gathering.

A Very interesting meeting and in a lot of ways very reassuring. It seems we already have a lot of information, we just need to write them down… easy hey?

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Welcome… at last!

We are live… at long last!

Due to the University wide review on IT support and structure, we had to put the site on hold until we got told where these things should be hosted and how. But since we got complete radio silence for such a long time on the subject, we decided to use the good’ol wordpress and get on with it.

The URL might change in the fullness of time, but we’ll make sure that links do not break.

So welcome to the PEG-BOARD project from the School of Geographical Sciences in Bristol and UKOLN at Bath.

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