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Submitted papers:

Liakka et al, Assessing future ice-sheet variability for long-term safety of deep geological repositories, submitted to Advances in Geosciences.

Paiva et al, The role of climate on the emergence of giant Caimaninae from the Miocene Western Amazonian region, submitted to Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.

Benson et al, Marine animal diversity across latitudinal and temperature gradients during the Phanerozoic, submitted to Paleontology.

Nick Thompson, Ulrich Salzmann, Stephanie L. Strother, Matthew Pound, Torsten Utescher, Julia Brugger, David K. Hutchinson, Thomas Hickler, Emma Hocking, Daniel J. Lunt ; Global vegetation zonation and terrestrial climate of the super warm Early Eocene; submitted to Earth Science Reviews.

Xie, Y., Lunt, D. J., and Valdes, P. J.: Diagnosing the controls on desert dust emissions through the Phanerozoic, submitted to Clim. Past.

Zhang et al, Poleward expansion of North Pacific gyres circulation during the warm early Eocene inferred from inter-model comparisons, submitted to Palaeogeo. Palaeoclim. Palaeoeco.

Steinig et al, The DeepMIP-Eocene model database and interactive web application versions 1.0, submitted to Scientific Data.

Goodman et al, Global Climate Model Comparisons of Niche evolution in Turritelline gastropods across the end-Cretaceous mass extinction, submitted to Paleobiology.

Hayes et al, Modelling the impact of palaeogeographical changes on weathering and CO2 during the Cretaceous-Eocene period ; submitted to EPSL.

Jan Peter Mayser, Cesar de Castro Martíns, Francisco Sierro, Richard Pancost, Emily Dearing Crampton-Flood, Rachel Flecker, Sevasti Modestou, Alice Marzocchi, Dirk Simon, Frits Hilgen, Daniel Lunt: New biomarker insights from the late Miocene Sorbas Basin: Local or regional run-off controls on lithological cyclicity? Submitted to Marine Geology.