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Earth Systems Modelling Results

Bristol Research Initiative for the Dynamic Global Environment

with the

University of Reading, Open University, and the British Antarctic Survey.

Model Simulations

This page shows a very small subset of means from this simulation. They have already been produced and there are no optional choices. If you want to do a more detailed examination of the model results, you can go to the main page and select Part05. This will give you full access the system

Summary of Results for Experiment teqvb

Annual Mean Energy Balance at TOA (in Wm-2)

Net Energy = 0.2321930 OLR = 246.3320 Net Solar = 246.5642
Upward Solar = 88.81880 Downward Solar = 335.3830
Temperature at 2m (in C) Global Mean 20.97800 19.52200 20.26199
Precipitation (in mm/day) Global Mean 3.015291 3.030618 3.007981
Surface Temperature (in C) Global Mean 22.12100 20.50400 21.32599
Temperature at 2m (in C) Land Mean 20.99500 15.70999 18.45801
Precipitation (in mm/day) Land Mean 1.971579 1.197694 1.552236
Surface Temperature (in C) Land Mean 23.02499 17.23801 20.26599
Temperature at 2m (in C) Ocean Mean 20.96899 21.31299 21.10901
Precipitation (in mm/day) Ocean Mean 3.505620 3.891724 3.691880
Surface Temperature (in C) Ocean Mean 21.69699 22.03799 21.82401

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