Summary of Results for Experiment bbc_all_03

Atlantic Meridional Overturning StrengthDepth of Max Atlantic OverturningLatitude of Max Atlantic Overturning
N.Hemisphere Mid-Latitudes DJF Surface Air TemperatureN.Hemisphere Mid-Latitudes DJF PrecipitationN.Hemisphere Mid-Latitudes DJF Evaporation
Tropical JJA Surface Air TemperatureTropical JJA PrecipitationTropical JJA Evaporation
BIOME4 with CO2BIOME4 based on climate anomalies and with CO2 changeHigh resolution BIOME4 based on climate anomalies and with CO2 change


Surface Air TemperatureAnnual Mean Surface Air Temperature Time Series
Total PrecipitationAnnual Mean Precipitation
EvaporationAnnual Mean Evaporation
Precipitation - EvaporationAnnual Mean Precipitation - Evaporation
Total RunoffAnnual Mean Runoff
Mean Sea Level PressureAnnual Mean Mean Sea Level Pressure
Sea Ice ConcentrationAnnual Mean N.Hemisphere Sea Ice Concentration
Perturbation Height at 500 hPa
Meridional Stream Function
Ocean Potential Temperature at 5mOcean Potential Temperature at 5m
Ocean Salinity at 5mOcean Salinity at 5m
Ocean Currents at 5m
Ocean Vertical Velocity at 10m
Ocean Mixed Layer Depth